How do I know if I have an addicted personality?

There are 2 basic indicators of dependent personality.

First indicator; It is the belief that I am inadequate.

When you are alone, you feel inadequate and helpless. You feel that you cannot cope with problems, that you will have difficulty in directing even your daily life.

You have little self-confidence. You can’t trust your decisions because you don’t trust yourself. Indecision plays an important role in your life. You constantly need to consult with those around you and make decisions for you.

Second Indicator; It is the anxiety of loneliness.

Being alone is a serious cause for anxiety for you. In the background of anxiety, there are thoughts that if I am alone, I cannot cope, I cannot overcome problems and I will be helpless.

You don’t want to go anywhere alone, you feel very uncomfortable when you have to go. He needs to be in a constant relationship. When you are alone, you feel the panic and helplessness of a lost child in the face of problems.

Here it is necessary to distinguish: It’s not you who feels helpless and inadequate, it’s the anxious child inside you. Feeling helpless does not mean that you are helpless, and feeling inadequacy does not mean that you are inadequate. It could possibly mean that you were overprotective in your childhood and your need for autonomy was not fully met.

However, this may change. After deepening his awareness of the addiction structure, as he supports himself, experiences doing things alone, and develops feelings of autonomy and self-efficacy, the addiction scheme will gradually weaken and cease to be the center of his life.

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