How can we turn our children into real heroes?

Unfortunately, in today’s conditions, our children spend more time in front of the television and computer than their parents. A group of negative, striking, breaking and damaging figures of the character they identify with, inspire them during this time. The negative identification that these characters will create in their world is obvious, and when families realize this, they often take precautions.

Do positive figures have an impact?

What about the effect of superheroes that seem positive on our child? These superheroes use their superpowers to save people and solve problems. Our children’s imaginations are developing and they may have a lot of fun, but what do they have left that they can apply and gain in the real world?

Is it enough for our children to just have fun?

Do they act with the feeling that I can do it too, or do they only have short-term pleasure-oriented effects on them? Why don’t they watch the hopeful stories? Why don’t they read the lessons learned by wise people in reaching their wisdom? Why can’t they listen to brave people who do not think individually and take a step and challenge. Why can’t they feel that small steps taken can make a difference. Our children don’t see why ordinary people can do things that change the world.

Our children should be inspired by real life…

The right heroes can help them focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses. It can show our children that what they have is enough to do a lot. These examples can make it easier for them to be children who are not afraid, who think they cannot do, but who cope and challenge. Our children can experience not only instant happiness but also long-term pleasure of success. Why shouldn’t they be inspired by the examples of human history in the past and say, “I can do it too,” and flap their wings with hope for the future. Why don’t the people who change the world come out of your family? Do we need superpowers to leave a mark in life?

My love to my two real heroes, Atatürk and my father. Happy April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, with the hope of raising children who hope to change the world.

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