How can we make our children love the hospital?

It is one of the most difficult issues for parents to take their children to the doctor-hospital. Because most of the children start to cry when they hear the doctor’s “d”. There has been a different practice in this regard in Turkey for 2 years. In some hospitals, children take the role of parents and have their sick toys treated, so they learn that the doctor’s examination is not something to be afraid of, this practice is usually applied for children aged 3-7.
Things to do before leaving home;
When taking our children to the doctor, it is necessary to act naturally, as if going shopping. Before this visit we don’t try to beautify For example, if you make promises such as “the doctor will not hurt”, you will create insecurity in your child, tell him that the doctor will help him, tell him what he may experience, “he will examine you, measure your height, weigh your weight, look in your ears…” You can even rehearse the examination yourself at home, because kids love to play doctor.
What should be considered in the doctor;
– It is useful to make an appointment in advance to shorten the waiting time.
– Record your questions to the doctor in a notebook at home in advance, because we often forget some of the questions we would ask in that setting.
– Go to all check-up appointments, your child will understand that he will not be examined at every check-up and this will become a good experience.
– Comfort your child after the examination, not during the examination, do not extend the examination period
-If your child is old enough to give information to the doctor, let him/her answer questions about himself/herself.
– If your child can undress on their own, only help them when necessary so the doctor can monitor their progress
– Encourage him to adjust and find the position in which he feels most comfortable during the examination
-Do not strip your child naked at once, keep the underwear on. If the child does not want to undress, only open the body part to be examined at that time.
Don’t promise rewards for good behavior with your child.
– Let your child take his favorite toy to the practice and keep it with him during the examination
– Let the doctor give your child a small gift as a souvenir

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