How Can We Learn to Live With Difficult Emotions?

When we talk about emotions, we tend to refer to the emotions that make us feel better as “positive emotions”, and the compelling emotions that make us feel bad as “negative emotions”. While we tend to embrace positive emotions more, we see negative emotions more distant and care less about relating to them.

Examples of emotions that force us and make us feel bad are anger, sadness, anxiety, nervousness, and fear. Well, why do we evaluate these feelings negatively and it is difficult for us to be together with them? The answer to this question is, in fact, hidden in the physical and mental effects they leave on us when we experience or remember these feelings.

Reactions such as a quickening of our heart rate when we are angry, an increase in our blood pressure when we are angry, the secretion of stress hormones when we are afraid, and the thought that we will not be able to get out of the work when we are worried make us feel bad.

In addition, developing our emotional awareness skills will be beneficial in terms of finding the answer to the question of how to live together with compelling emotions. In addition to emotions such as happiness, love and trust that make us feel good, compelling emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness, fear and excitement are also a part of our lives.

The more developed our awareness of these emotions, the easier it is to understand what the disturbing effects they have on us actually mean. In this way, it is possible for us to gain motivation to learn what we can do so that we can express them in a healthy way.

Problems that we could not solve in the past or that still exist cause us to experience these feelings, with these feelings, compelling thoughts fill our minds, and we feel as if we will never be happy and safe again. However, avoiding, ignoring or suppressing these emotions causes the effects of both physically and mentally challenging emotions to intensify.

As a result, we may unwittingly cause distress to ourselves and our environment and upset our loved ones. In order to solve our problems and understand what we need and what need this compelling emotion indicates, we must also be in touch with the emotions we call negative.

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