How Can We Improve Our Performance in Sports?

How Can We Improve Our Performance in Sports?

The essence of weight gain and loss is not only how much you eat, but also what you eat and when you consume it.

For example, carbohydrates…

Foods that are easily digested, such as bread, rice, pasta, pastries, and sugar, quickly increase the level of sugar in the blood. This signals your body to stop burning fat and accumulate these fats.

It also forces your body to use sugar instead of fat for energy. In contrast, foods containing slow-digesting carbohydrates, such as fruits and vegetables, keep blood sugar levels at a normal level while allowing your body to continue burning fat.

Although a large plate of fruit and a high-sugar cookie may contain the same amount of calories, the effects of these two types of food on your body’s fat-burning abilities are quite different.

But high-sugar carbohydrates aren’t always bad. In fact, choosing these types of foods from time to time can be one of the smartest things to do. But the secret of this job is to do the timing correctly…


According to a study of nearly 3000 people at Harvard University, people who eat breakfast every morning are more likely to be overweight in the future. 44%their chances of developing diabetes 41%rate lower.

How to Eat

Fill your plate with foods containing protein, slow-digesting carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Protein prevents muscle loss and provides the substances needed for new muscle formation. Slow-digesting carbohydrates replenish energy stores without raising your blood sugar, while healthy fats signal your body to burn already accumulated fat.


Leaving 4-5 hours between meals causes your blood sugar to drop. Thus, you become tired and more tense. But another point to remember is that low or high blood sugar levels can cause problems. To counteract this, your body accumulates the hormone cortisol, which normalizes blood sugar levels. The sad thing is that cortisol is the stress hormone and your body turns muscle proteins into sugar to regulate blood sugar levels. This causes your muscles to be wasted. The thing to do to eliminate this problem is to increase the frequency of eating. Because eating more frequently is effective in regulating your blood sugar level. Thus, your muscles will not be used as an energy source and will not be burned. An experiment by South African researchers also supports this thesis. According to the aforementioned research, the amount of calories consumed by athletes who keep frequent eating intervals is higher than others. %27rate is less.

how to eat

As with breakfast, do not miss foods containing protein from your table. Along with it, choose foods containing healthy fats or slow-digesting carbohydrates (brown bread, whole wheat pasta, and rice) made from whole wheat. Of course, the most important ingredient here is protein. Because the calories in protein during digestion 30%while burning, the amount of carbohydrate 8%also found in oils %2 is burned. Snacks, lunch or even dinner can be included in this time frame.


It will be more efficient to prefer fast digesting carbohydrates instead of slowly digesting carbohydrates after exercise. This is because an intense workout will change the order of things your body prioritizes. Since sugar will mix with the blood, it will go to your muscles and will be stored for later use instead of being used as fuel. This whole process will increase the speed of your body’s fat burning process for energy production.

how to eat

Combine high-protein foods with fast-digesting foods. Do this over two different time periods.

As soon as you finish the sport

It is good to consume a drink containing whey protein immediately after exercise. Since whey protein reaches maximum concentration in the blood within 45 minutes, it will meet the immediate protein needs of your muscles.


During this time, solid foods should be preferred. You can think of this as the ideal time to eat pasta or meatballs. You can even add fast and slow digested carbohydrate foods.

  • If you do sports in the morning, you should drink your post-workout drink before you start exercising.

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