How Can We Convince Our Relatives Who Need Psychological Support To Get Support?

We know what we can do when we feel the need to seek professional support for our own spiritual well-being. But what about what we can do when we realize that someone we love needs it? Especially if he is unaware of his need, ignores it, or considers getting support as weakness, etc. If so, what can we do?

Volunteering is essential in therapy. The road to be taken with a client who does not come to the therapy room voluntarily is difficult and often does not progress.

We have no chance to overcome anyone’s difficulties for them, and at this point we can only help the person who needs support to realize that they need to go to therapy.

So what can you do for this?

Your first priority should be to talk to your loved one about this issue. However, it is important that you have this conversation at an appropriate time and setting. Especially in a tense moment or in a fight, this issue should not be opened. It is important not to bring up the subject in front of others. It will be healthier for you to start this conversation when you are both calm and alone.

Using the language of “I” rather than you language, empathizing with it, approaching it with understanding without judgment are among the things that will facilitate this process.

It is also helpful to describe in appropriate language the symptoms you see near you and why they are worrying you. If he has any problems he has told you, you can express them to him and state that you think it would be beneficial for him to talk to a therapist at this point.

It will also be useful to inform your relative about going to a psychologist. Going to a psychologist is a weakness, etc. Express that she has no symptoms and that the therapist will not judge her. In this process, you can also inform about the expert you will meet, and let him get to know him. Or you can do expert research together and encourage him to make his own choice.

It will also be healthy for you to never force yourself in this whole process and leave it alone with your own thoughts for a while. The most important thing is that you will not play games where you will confront the therapist by saying that you are going somewhere else, and you will never deceive him.

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