How Can We Be More Compassionate To Ourselves?

“If you want to make others happy,

Be kind.

If you want to make yourself happy,

Again, be kind.”

Dalai Lama

Kindliness occurs in the case of suffering. In order to show compassion, one must first accept the pain. But fears and thoughts of suffering are obstacles to compassion. In fact, it is not the pain itself that causes distress, but the meanings and thoughts given to the pain. Instead of escaping or fighting pain, it takes courage to approach, accept and build friendships with adversity. Compassion includes compassion, tolerance and courage. It is necessary to continue with the pain, not despite the pain, and accept that the pain is temporary. No emotion, no negative thought is permanent.

Compassion is an action that comes from within. The love that naturally arises from within us is to infuse the feeling of goodness into the sufferer. It naturally manifests itself when we are cut, injured or in pain. We are usually more compassionate towards children. When your child is hurt, we approach him with compassion and ask him what happened, whether he is hurt, what he is feeling, his feelings. However, in a challenging life event, we act more cruelly towards ourselves, our negative thoughts come into play, and our inner voice that criticizes, judges and makes us feel inadequate prevents us from feeling compassion for ourselves.

What is self-compassion?

self-compassion is to offer ourselves the same compassion we show others. Self-compassion requires being kinder to ourselves and being able to observe pain without identifying with it, rather than being self-critical and cruel to ourselves in difficult times. Treating yourself as you would show a loved one who is suffering, grieving, and self-critical, with the support, understanding, and compassion he needs in a difficult time. “How can I support myself in this difficult time?”is to say.

Everything starts in the self. In order to be compassionate towards others and to receive the compassion that comes to us from other people, we must first realize ourselves and show compassion towards ourselves. Being kind to ourselves in difficult times and giving ourselves the support without judgment increases self-compassion.

When we’re going through a tough time, what we often need is to have a good friend with us with a kind heart. But often this may not be possible. In difficult times when we are alone, what we need to do is to love ourselves, show compassion, and be sincerely kind.

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