How can I spend quality time with my children?

We cannot turn back time, our children will never come back to the age they are now…

Life goes by fast and we are thrown from one place to another in a rush. In this hustle and bustle, perhaps our children need our existence the most. The value that the time we will devote to them will add to their lives is enormous. What I’m going to write today are tips to make these precious moments easier.

Let your mind be only with him at that moment..

Remember that there are ‘unique’ opportunities every time you interact with your child. Your child will not come back to the age they were in and time will not go back. Be aware of what he is offering you, his thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Put on your child’s glasses.

Accept what he has to offer you impartially and without judgment and try to see the world through his eyes. Things to do soon, leave the stress of the day that makes you tired. Don’t get caught up in distracting ideas other than your child and what they’re doing. Realize their creativity, their dreams, and how valuable they are to offer you.

‘FEEL’ what the moment is offering you ‘DO NOT THINK’

Follow him. Make that moment and what you do valuable. The quality of your communication will increase as you make it valuable and feel understood. You will start to produce easier solutions for the issues that challenge him and you. Understanding him without judgment and impartiality does not mean that you will allow his every action. It shows the value you place on it. Try to look forward to these communication opportunities and enjoy them.

It will give you happiness to give justice to the time you spend with your child.

What will be done at another time will only poison that moment. Whatever will be done in the future will be done when the time comes. The more you focus on the bites in your mouth while you eat, the longer the pleasure you get. Enjoy it, considering that communication with him is a unique dish. Give this value to your child’s existence. It doesn’t have to be very long. But it’s important that that moment is one where you just accept, watch, don’t judge, and don’t counsel. This is what I understand without spending quality time.. Stay well..

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