How Can I Get Rid of My Anxiety?

Hello everyone! In the pandemic process that has been going on for about 3 months, we are all very

We’re too bored. Especially those who had plans in this process were more affected.

Those who will get married, those who will go on a business trip, those who have won Erasmus, have a nice holiday

Those who make the plans will take the exam… We made many plans for the future, didn’t we?

We had to postpone it all and for reasons beyond our control.

we did it. Plans are made, programs are prepared, when everything says “ok”

suddenly we saw that we had to cancel all of them. pandemic process

Have you ever experienced this situation? “Of course it did.” hears you say

I’m like. Because that’s what life is like. While we plan for the future

opens doors wide or closes them tightly. perpetually about the future

state of mind, creating a plan b, taking responsibility for all the work to be done

trying to take it by himself, planning every moment, thinking of all the possibilities

to act, the desire to get approval from the other person… Here are all of these to us.

Although it provides relief in the short term, it wears us out and wears us out in the long term.

are things. These are clues that show that we are prone to anxiety.

Anxiety; While helping the person, which is in every person but at the ideal level

when it manifests itself at a high level, the person becomes spiritually over time.

condition that causes the disorder.

In order for this not to happen, we must first acknowledge our concerns.

“Yes, it worries me.” For example, you can start by saying. because

Unless we accept our concerns, it becomes impossible for us to find a solution. And

then remember how you dealt with anxiety before.

You might be thinking, “What’s the worst that could happen?” And make sure you relax

Create order with gestures. Do this not just when you’re worried, but every day.

Apply 2 times. In this way, you will discover the reactions of your body. You

As you discover yourself and your feelings, you will get rid of your worries.

Yes, it may not be easy and in a short time, but it will make you despair.

don’t drop it. Believe that you will succeed when your effort and desire increase. Yourself

imagine being more relaxed, without constant thoughts in his head. This

thought can be your motivation. Offering you all the beauties of life

I wish you well, take care of your soul..

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