How can I get rid of excessive anxiety?

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“I am constantly stressed, excited, apprehensive, afraid. Believe me, it’s out of my hands. Am I the only one experiencing this? It is impossible not to be anxious in this difficult life. Aside from the difficulties of life, it is very difficult to raise a child and live without thinking about what will happen in the future. I think the worst of everything. There are so many things going on or if it happens to me, I can’t get rid of the questions. I’m so regressed. I can’t concentrate on anything. Everyone tells me don’t think, stop, whatever happens, nothing will happen, but I can’t do it without thinking? IM so unhappy. I’m so regressed. Everyone says I’m not normal, I’m very pessimistic. I can’t help but think about it.” Do these expressions sound familiar to you? Maybe you can see yourself inside as you read, maybe you can witness what you heard from somewhere. Why do I always have bad thoughts? Who knows, you may have asked yourself this question over and over. So why do we think this way? Before going into the answer to this question, it would be more appropriate to talk about what anxiety and worry are. Anxiety is an emotion described as a restlessness. But anxiety is a process in which thoughts are involved. For example, the question that the person constantly asks himself, “If this happens, let’s say what happens if it happens like this”, is always talking about the things he is in his thoughts to explain the reasons. In other words, let’s imagine that the person has a feeling of palpitation and asks him, what does the flutter mean to you? What is the worst that could happen? when we asked. He begins to respond with thoughts such as I might have a heart attack, die, faint, harm my child, and he falls into the illusion that when he is worried, in a way, the worst that can happen will not happen to him. It is seen that people with anxiety disorder confuse the feeling of uncertainty with uncertainty, the feeling of dying with dying, the feeling of helplessness with helplessness. In a way, he confuses feeling with reality. In a way, people have the perception that if I worry, I can drive away the disasters that may happen to me. This causes them to experience a perception disorder as if they are trying to avoid the events/situations that may happen to them, not an anxiety anymore. Let’s think of two people traveling in the same car, one of them “would we have an accident, or if someone hit us, or if the car’s tire exploded, if the brake of the car broke down and we couldn’t stop and we were dragged down the cliff, would the car catch fire on the road?” Assuming that he is apprehensive along the way, while the other continues on his way without thinking about such things. Which of them do you think dies in a car accident? Worried or not worried? Honestly, it doesn’t matter to anyone. If he is going to die, both can die, the one who is worried can die, the one who is not worried can die, or both may not die. It is well known that worrying is not in one’s hands. But worrying does not prevent a disaster that may happen to a person. The person constantly tries to put forward thoughts in order to stay away from anxiety. He thinks that if I put forward the thoughts, I will get rid of that uneasiness that I will experience. At the same time, he falls into the belief that he can get rid of the uneasiness that his mind says and catastrophic thoughts create in him. In fact, he doesn’t even realize that it’s the end of it. Because from this moment on, the person starts to worry about being worried and starts to be afraid of the uncertainty that he fears the most and to get his fears under control. The thing that people fear most about anxiety disorder is that they live in uncertainty and cannot stand the pain created by this uncertainty. It is also seen that they constantly try to ask, question and research in order to get rid of this natural pain and eliminate uncertainty. It should be known that we met with anxiety many years ago. In a way, anxiety enables us to live. It protects us in times of danger, removes us from risky situations, increases our success and provides more. Think about the beautiful moments that you have lost so far due to anxiety and that you can live in front of your eyes at that moment, but you could not live. Aren’t they precious? How many days, months, and years have you spent thinking about these thoughts? It is known that no matter what you do, anxiety will take place within you. Because anxiety is not a disease, it is an alarm initiated by our mind that protects us against danger. So how do I get rid of intense anxiety? I want you to know that it is not possible to get rid of anxiety, but it is possible to get rid of being overly anxious. This happens when you make room for your anxiety, that is, by accepting what you can and cannot do right now, here. It may be very easy to say and read, but it will be possible to do it by trying many times without getting tired and exhausted. Be sure, if you read this article ten years later and answer the same questions you know, you will see that another ten years has been lost. Then, right now, put forth what’s on your mind right now, and don’t put effort into what you can do or what you can’t do right here right now. Wait a while, put your thoughts out again, don’t make an effort for what you can do and what you can’t do. For example, you worry too much about your child, will anything happen to him? What is he doing now? He’s home late, is anything wrong with him? You want to call immediately and take control. So, do you guarantee anything so that nothing happens to you? In fact, what needs to be accepted is that it’s just a thought and we’re talking about that thought. Maybe when you call your child and when you call, something happens to him to reach his phone? Therefore, now, right now, answering the distress caused by this thought, ask the question what can I do now, look around, and if there is something you can do at that moment, you will already do it, but do not make extra efforts for the things you cannot do or cannot do. Accept what you cannot do. For example, I don’t want to have cancer and so I worry and think about what I can do all the time. Do what needs to be done now, now, to avoid cancer, just keep doing what you do without making any effort for what you can’t do. Because you can now do what you can do right now. Now put forward the thought that goes through your mind and what you should and shouldn’t do. Take a look around you now, what can I do for this thought right now? Answer now. If you can’t answer, don’t bother. I want you to know that as long as you discipline this thought that goes through your mind in this way, and just continue to live by accepting what you can do at that moment or not, your life will become truly worth living after a while. Therefore, if death is real somehow when we consider the thought of death, and if we are not dying now, right now, while reading this article, and if we are not dead yet, we will distinguish between the feeling of death and death the moment we leave aside what we can do or not do.

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