How Can I Become An Elite Athlete From Today?

I can be a little clumsy at planning and organizing my week. There is a weekly to-do list. There is a daily to-do list. There’s even a “don’t” list. And then there are the notes I took. Yes, there are “notes”, not “notes”.

Sometimes I spend so much time thinking and planning the things I want to do that it takes me so much time to take action to get those things done.

This is an error.

The moment I realized that an easier way to move forward to achieve my expectations in life was to break down exactly what I need for the day and see what I need to do in each piece and start that day right away, I said “that’s it”.

Let me explain a little more…

We spend all this time thinking about the big applause at the end of the rainbow, the big awards, or the gold medals because we forget to focus on what we need to do right now. Daydreaming is fun, easy, and ironically enough. Our little dreams feel good enough – our brains can’t tell the difference between imagined and real experiences – they force us to do nothing (I’ll explain how this can be beneficial from a training standpoint in another post).

So how can we fix this?

Take a break from your dreams for a few minutes, grab a pen or open the notes section of your phone or tablet and do a quick homework (It’ll be easy, believe me, and as long as you do it, you’ll succeed). Write this big goal on your tablet, on the top of a piece of paper or in your cell phone notes. Whatever this goal is,

Don’t waste time wondering if you have enough time or if your teammates will laugh at you or if your coach thinks you’re crazy.

Just write. Don’t think.

For the purposes of this exercise, the program is much more important than the goal. With a proper program, you can achieve great things. Dot. The target becomes almost unimportant.

Now. The fun part… the effective part…

To reach this goal, to be that swimmer, to reach the levels you dream of… What will a typical day be like for you? In other words, what do you need to do on a daily basis to make this happen?

This can be seen as a miracle shock moment for swimmers who prefer to relax and relax in their dreams, who prefer to be in safe harbor against the harsh demands of perfection; but for the rest, this is an exciting moment when you can make a clear connection between where you are now and where you want to be. Think about it… and write. From sunrise to sunset, what do you need to do daily to make this goal a reality?

If you start workouts badly, will you spend an extra five minutes after each workout?

Will you do quick kicks and quick flips throughout the entire workout to improve your turns?

How much do you pay attention to your nutrition, which is one of the factors that affect your performance the most? Let’s admit that; we all consume that junk food or fast food style from time to time. So what do we do next to balance that out? Do you plan to set limits in a more planned way from now on?

When you realize you’re wasting your time watching TV shows, playing games, or texting with friends until very late every night, will you create a breakpoint to get the sleep you need?

Write them down and be that swimmer when you wake up tomorrow.

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