How busy is the topic of healthy eating?

With the effort to keep up with the active life, ready-made foods can be preferred in daily life. However, healthy eating is becoming more and more important. People who are sensitive about this issue make an effort to acquire healthy eating habits and even to instill these habits in their children. This effort to live a healthy life often increases the quality of life of people.

However, for some people, this habit can turn into an unhealthy mental activity, even though it is apparently an activity for health, as it causes serious anxiety. In this case, repetitive thoughts about whether the food taken or consumed is healthy, severe anxiety, and control of certain criteria such as the stages of food preparation, additives, food dyes, packaging properties can start very intensely at a level that makes daily life difficult.

If the effort to eat healthy is of such intensity and frequency that it will make daily life activities difficult, the possibility that it will turn from a healthy effort to an unhealthy obsession should be evaluated. Therefore, the problem is not the effort to eat healthy, but the intensity, frequency and how much it blocks the person’s daily life.

It is seen that this condition called Orthorexia Nervosa, which is not yet included in the diagnosis of eating disorders, is becoming more common day by day. In people who experience this situation;

  • Thinking about healthy/unhealthy nutrition at a level that will affect their daily lives,

  • For this reason, avoiding socializing, traveling and similar activities,

  • Deterioration of nutritional balance / deterioration of physical health due to intake of certain groups of food,

  • Losing a significant amount of weight due to the obsession with healthy eating, not due to calorie restriction,

  • Don’t spend too much time planning food, shopping for healthy eating,

  • Feeling high levels of guilt when eating a food that he does not feel in the healthy eating category

There are a number of symptoms such as

Provided not to generalize completely; It can be thought that people who are prone to obsession, who are thought to maintain a certain appearance or weight due to their work/social environment, or who are very concerned with diet, have a higher risk in this regard.

It is recommended that people who think too much about healthy nutrition and get stuck on issues such as nutrition and physical health, should be evaluated in a multidisciplinary framework due to their psychological difficulties, and if the need is determined, they should receive support from physicians, dietitians and psychologists. As a result of addressing and working on the physical and psychological aspects of the job, it can turn from a ‘healthy diet’ obsession with a person’s desire to a healthy healthy eating effort. Thus, while maintaining the meaning of healthy nutrition in the life balance of the person; social life, work, family life, interests, such as other life dynamics will not be an obstacle.

Healthy days.

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