How are we affected by bad memories?

The human mind can think and process the past, present and future at the same time.
We continue our lives by building many positive and negative memories from the past to the present.
we are doing. From childhood to the present, first processes information with the stimuli in that moment.
We save it as a permanent learning afterwards. This recorded learning; in us
It may contain a feeling that makes us feel uncomfortable, that we want to escape, to be protected. This
Therefore, the mind is in a state of full alert, intensely worried about the repetition of such a situation.
with standby.
While we can find the opportunity to resolve some of the past negativities, we can also find some ourselves.
We carry it to the future by loading it. With such a heavy load, we have to continue on our way.
it gets harder, we feel tired and even as if we are turning in a never-ending vicious circle.
We begin to think that we have stopped.

Every moment that has not been left behind, that has not been viewed as an experience, is always a memory for us.
remains an agenda item and starts to become a way of governing our lives. with an example
To explain; exposed to peer bullying in childhood,
someone who has been taken down, ridiculed by his friends, if he can share this memory with people
a path to be taken in its approach as a risk to be considered,
if he did not receive sufficient approval, appreciation and acceptance in his environment and family; interpersonal communications
tries to read the thoughts of others, controls what is thought about himself
makes an effort to notice, to realize, to make speeches that he believes can be humiliated.
avoids, sometimes does not communicate. When a memory is fed with various sources, the whole
formed a system of thought that manages, determines and controls interpersonal communication.
may be unable to form deep emotional bonds, be understood, or be mistaken at any time.
They may think and experience that they are in communication that is open to understanding.
What we hear from being re-experienced at the beginning of the effects we get from a bad memory
concern is involved. However, developing avoidance and control mechanisms make things difficult and
Thus, it strengthens its place in our daily lives. to dodge
A situation in which we work is actively remembered and reprocessed in our minds.
Talking about the event, situation and emotion in order to cope with our bad memories
reprocessing and evaluation with one eye; making overgeneralizations, mind reading and
Trying to predict the future should be avoided. In the psychotherapy process, all these
It will be possible to notice and rearrange.

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