Hope Should Save Me, I’ll Save The World

I’m sure a little boy somewhere will be born with the same hope. And no matter how we look at it, 3 out of 10 people (yes, a very low number) feel that the thing flowing from their bones is hope. If you have the most hope, you can dig a tunnel under the dead ends that life presents to you or open a door and escape again. The important thing is not to dig that tunnel or open a new door for yourself… The important thing is to close the tunnel you dug in spite of the storms in order not to get into that dead end again. Also, where have you seen that you return to the place where you are so desperate to escape with the same peaceful feeling. You have to leave a brick wherever you need to go. Never forgetting that you have passed is the best thing that will tell you why you should never return there. Man is the most self-guided. When you have a new path, your own hope, you will understand that life is building a utopian house from what it gives you or what it does not give you and gives you the most painful experience. All the stones of that house are your experiences, the windows are your hope, the doors are the things you cannot give up… The most important part of a house is the foundation for it to be solid. All our mistakes, our mistakes, the ways we move forward knowingly but never ending… All of them form the basis of our home in that small universe reserved for us. Experiences… Everything we pile up to move forward… When we think about it, we want the things that make us sad to go away from our lives, we want to escape from the same place in order not to be reminded of it again. But we should know that the walls that were built for us even when we were little children determine our direction. Every area of ​​our house is only about us. I think the most important part of that house, after the foundation, is the ceiling. If we hold onto our indestructible pen, which we have created with a thousand and one experiences, in order not to take any bad feelings, people or memories again, we will only be your past for the rest of our life. There will be only past experiences and vital deviations in our cell, where entries and exits are canceled, there is no expected ship, and we do not even want to take time to think about whether the sun has risen or sunk. You have to hope to move forward. We have to make the ceiling of that house out of glass or leave it empty so that life always proves worth living. Let the sun rise, let the sun set, let the flowers bloom, let the time show how quickly the seasons pass… This is the only way we can get out of that hole in which we are stuck but most of all rely on its strength. So watch until the sun burns your eyes. That one drop of tear flowing while looking at him will make you feel peaceful, unlike those millions of years that should not flow from your eyes. Count the stars, when you think about how to count the endless stars and forget about it and always wrap it up, you will realize that your life has not finished. You will lay more bricks in your way. If you leave a single gap, when you look back, your foot will stay in that hole. You have to live whatever you have to live to fill all the gaps, life is not simpler than we think. Your pain will be your way. It is up to you to make that path a flower garden or to stumble in every gap and be dragged into your past. So if you stop and think, you can find the right one. The sun always rises from the same place, you don’t always have to be the same. You are not the sun, but if you want, you can illuminate your surroundings with what you do.

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