holistic psychotherapy

Treating clients who come to be healed with just any psychotherapy method brings us limited success. Because man is a whole with his soul and body. You cannot separate the two. Therefore, it is a scientifically studied subject for a long time that there is a connection between mental and physical diseases and that they affect each other. Physical illnesses sometimes trigger mental illnesses or there are psychosomatic illnesses caused by mental illness. If we give an example about this, if the person cannot cope with the intense anxiety or a traumatic experience, this will reflect on him as physical disorders, the main reason of which is psychological, such as headache, stomachache, loss of strength in the arms or legs. Another situation may cause the person to experience future anxiety, death anxiety, trauma, etc. in cases of chronic physical disorders, cancer, etc. In fact, after stating how and to what extent the soul and body affect each other as a whole and with these examples, let’s try to explain how the treatment will be more permanent and effective when it is a whole.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food” said Hippocrates.

Whatever city we are in or from which city we come from, we contain the texture and smell of that city.

What can I add to the family, society, city, country and humanity?

When a person is born, he is a paper that has not yet been read, not written. It is an unexplored island.

The client comes to us with a symptom, the basis for forming that symptom is his presence in life.

The history of the client in the womb or even before should be examined.

In therapy, it is important what the person makes sense of and what he finds in himself.

Everyone looks at the same sea, but sees what is in himself in that sea. It represents different things from everyone else.

Positive Psychotherapy has a holistic and holistic (holistic more than the sum of its parts) perspective. Stories, proverbs, metaphors and fairy tales can also be used as a healing method in the therapy process.

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