Holistic Perspective in Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments in dentistry applications; These are treatments that ensure that the teeth are aligned on the jawbones in harmony with the face. In orthodontic treatments; Teeth can be lined up on the jaw bones with movable, removable or fixed, orthodontic appliances that are attached to the teeth.

How are these treatments performed with a holistic approach? Holistic orthodontic treatment is actually a discourse that I personally attribute to it. A perspective on the causes of orthodontic disorders, that is, the misalignment of teeth, rather than a separate treatment protocol…

With a holistic perspective; Why can’t the teeth line up properly?

The human body is a complex system. From birth, the genetic structure is shaped by the stimuli it receives during the development process and continues its life with functions. In this sense, it is very important to get the right stimulus and to be in the right function for the dental maxillofacial system, as it is for the whole body.

When ancient people were examined, it was seen that their skeletal and muscular structures were stronger than today. It is known that in the teeth, jaws and facial systems, the muscles are stronger, the teeth are arranged more smoothly, and even all teeth, including wisdom teeth, are arranged in the arch by finding a place for themselves. The difference is due to lifestyle. Since they spend more time in nature and are fed with harder foods, chewing muscles along with all muscles are strong and the bone develops in direct proportion to this. They can naturally receive stimuli towards their bodies from nature. Today, there is a mental evolution with technological developments, but this mental evolution seems to go far ahead of the bodily evolution. We are not in nature, we live in big cities without using our bodies a lot, we do not use our muscles. This affects our skeletal and muscular systems and we cannot receive the natural stimuli that the bone should receive. Likewise, we consume foods far from their natural state, mostly in processed and packaged form. Since the teeth, jaw and face system cannot receive the stimuli it needs, the jaw bones cannot develop sufficiently and the teeth can be lined up in a perplexed manner or remain buried because they cannot find a place to line up for themselves.

Since it is not possible for us to live like our ancestors in today’s conditions, we need to support our skeletal and muscular systems so that they receive the right stimuli.

“Right stimulus” keywords in a holistic view… These are the right stimuli; correct breathing; proper nutrition and correct posture.

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