Rounder, protruding hips with tighter thighs (the area between the hip and knee) and more
operations to have full or thin calves (the area between the knee and wrist)
is all.

How is the operation done?
In hip operations, vacuum fat removal is applied to a more shaped and raised hip.
achievable. Fat injections and hip prostheses can be used to achieve the desired hip shape.

In thigh lift operations, excess fat is removed with liposuction. However, when overweight or
In advanced ages, when the skin loses its elasticity, removing fat alone is not enough. Excess skin
It is taken by the thigh stretching method.

A common problem in calves is the appearance of crooked legs due to calf weakness. This question
For removal, fat injection can be made into the area or calf prostheses can be inserted from the back of the knee.
can be placed. Intra-knee, calf or wrist thickness is corrected by liposuction by removing excess fat.

What is the Treatment Period?
Liposuction to be performed in the leg and hip area is a method that does not leave any traces. After the operation
edema that will occur will dissipate within two weeks, but it will take 4-6 weeks for the body to settle and the results to be seen.
it may take.

Thigh lift, on the other hand, is an operation that is performed horizontally and vertically and leaves a slight surgical scar.

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