Hip aesthetics

Hip and butt aesthetics; butt augmentation, butt reduction,
It consists of aesthetic surgery operations such as hip lift.

Butt Lift Surgery
Butt lift surgery is performed with 3 methods. These; liposuction, fat addition and silicone prosthesis
is placement. Sometimes one, sometimes both or all of these methods are included in the operation.
is done. It is absolutely necessary to determine the methods and to perform the buttock lift surgery.
doctor control is required. If the butt-shaped sagging or the image below is
If the excess fat is related, liposuction is performed from the lower part of the butt and the lower part is revised.
straightening is provided. Butt shape can be done both below and in shape with liposuction or fat injection.
If it cannot be corrected, a silicone prosthesis may need to be placed. Sometimes the butt shape is smooth, but
It does not have the necessary fat tissue for erection. In these cases, adipose tissues
The image is injected into the points where it can be obtained. How is the shape of the butt important in this surgery?
will be displayed upright. For this reason, how to obtain the vertical image, which method to use,
Which points should be injected with fat, what shape and size silicone prosthesis
placement is important.

Butt Reduction Surgery
Butt reduction surgery is performed for those who have larger hips compared to their body size,
It is performed on patients who do not feel comfortable and want to have more natural and aesthetic hips.
Hip reduction surgery is performed with liposuction. Excess fat is removed with liposuction. This oil
The amount is taken in the appropriate amount for the image, how much reduction is desired to be achieved in the buttock.
Excess skin from the excess hips is also cut and removed appropriately. How to reduce butt in this way
surgery is performed.

Buttock Augmentation Surgery
Methods such as hip augmentation surgery, fat injection or silicone prosthesis placement
is done using First of all, the patient is examined and the appropriate butt size is designed. This
At this stage, the patient’s request is also important. Whether the patient wants a natural or striking hip
The size is determined according to your wishes. According to this determination, the appropriate size of silicone is placed and
If necessary, it is also supported by oil injection. Buttock augmentation surgery in this way
gets accomplished.

Is The Image Obtained With Butt Aesthetics Permanent?
The answer to this question is different for each operation and the methods used. Silicone placed aesthetic
The results of the surgery are permanent. However, oil injection is performed and only this method is used.
operations may compromise the initial aesthetic state to some extent, depending on the character of the fat tissues. This
Therefore, the answer to this question is after the examination to be made according to which operation you request.
will take shape.

What Should Be Considered After Hip Surgery?
After these operations, as after all other incision operations, dressing and
it is important not to force the seams, paying attention to hygienic measures. sitting for a while, sleeping
It is also important to pay attention to their position.

What Kind of Image Is Formed After Hip Surgery?
A result is obtained according to the patient’s demand and according to the image possible with surgical possibilities.
Therefore, the results are generally successful and satisfactory. An unexpected result is often
not obtained.

Is Hip Aesthetics a Reversible Application?
If a silicone prosthesis has been placed, the placed prosthesis can be restored with a second operation.
removable. Fat injection can be done on the hips undergoing liposuction.
Liposuction can be performed on the hips. In short, suitable for general anesthesia and surgery
As long as you are there, there is always a return for this operation.

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