hidden penis

It is also known as buried, hidden, hidden, overlooked penis, pseudomicropenis. penis, the length of its body Although it is normal, it remains hidden due to the oil and skin covering it.

A “trapped” (stuck) penis is a condition in which the body of the penis becomes trapped within the scarred prepubic skin following circumcision or a trauma.

Micropenis, on the other hand, is used for penises with normal shape but less than normal stretched length. associated with a hormonal disorder.

Conditions that lead to a hidden penis:

The skin of the penis is loose and does not adhere to the body of the penis,

Inadequate or defective formation of the penile body skin,

excess adipose tissue,

Scar tissue formation after penile surgeries,

Curtain of skin under the penis


Skin curtain under the penis (penoscrotal curtain): It is the condition of finding sail-like skin between the lower part of the penis and the bag containing the testicles when the penis is stretched forward in an upright position.

One or more of the conditions that cause a hidden penis can coexist.

Loose adhesion of the skin to the penis can cause the abdominal skin to slide down as well, partially or completely hiding the penis. For the same reason, since the penis, which has been retracted into the abdomen and towards the scrotum, is embedded in the surrounding tissues, the impression of excessive skin is aroused at the tip of the penis. Undetected penile anomaly, especially in circumcision performed with Gomco or Mogen clamp, excess penile skin, not foreskin, can be accidentally cut and removed. With such a circumcision, it is actually a simple treatment. The situation may turn into a situation that requires complex surgical procedures. Thus, postoperative complications rate increases and patient and/or patient relative satisfaction decreases. The penis appears short due to the excessively reduced penile skin. Symptoms and signs such as penile inflammation, urinary infection, painful urination, ballooning of the foreskin and inability to urinate may occur in patients.

One of the important reasons that lead patients with a buried penis to the doctor is the desire for circumcision correction. because A circumcised boy with a buried penis will still look as if he has not been circumcised, and the repair will be difficult due to the loss of skin.

What are the reasons for surgery in the hidden penis?

difficult hygiene,

phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin tip),

balanitis (inflammation of the glans penis),

urinary infection,

painful urination,

ballooning of the foreskin,

inability to urinate

Difficulty holding the penis while urinating

scattering of urine

be ashamed of the appearance of your penis,

loss of self-confidence

difficult or impossible sexual intercourse.

Treatment timing:

Although some pediatric urologists suggest that the hidden penis is a developmental process and will go away on its own during puberty, there is also evidence that spontaneous recovery is not always possible. Moreover, many authors think that hidden penis has psychological and social aspects and even corrective surgery is required at an early age. However, the family should be given a period of time to see if the picture will improve on its own. Especially in cases where excess weight plays an important role in the picture, Waiting for the outcome of obesity treatment is a logical option.

In various series of hidden penis, approximately half of the cases had previous unsuccessful penile surgery, mostly circumcision. For this reason, physicians working in primary health care services should definitely identify hidden penile pathology and refer patients to a Pediatric Urology specialist so that they can be treated appropriately. An ordinary circumcision performed without noticing this situation may lead to results that require more complicated surgical repairs.

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