Herpes (Herpes)

First Attack

It occurs with fever and regional lymph node inflammation in children or young adults. A severe rash lasting 7-10 days may be in the mouth, lips or face. Herpes can be very mild or without symptoms.

Recurrent Infection

Individuals with the first herpes attack 50%’ recurrent attacks occur. Lesions may appear on the lips, forehead, chin, cheeks, eyelids. But it always recurs in the same region or adjacent region. It crusts in 2-4 days and heals in 5-7 days.

HSV Although the infection is recurrent in the first attack, it is seen as grouped water-filled blisters on the skin or mucous membranes on a red background. person once HSVwhen infected with HSV Now it stays in that person’s body for life. With the weakening of the immune system, it causes herpes again.


It is transmitted by skin-to-skin, skin-to-mucosa, mucosa-to-skin contact. Crowded social life or low socioeconomic status are important in increasing transmission.

Factors Increasing the Recurrence of Herpes Disease

  • Diseases that weaken the immune system

  • Drug uses (cancer treatment drugs, organ transplant drugs)

  • Cortisone

  • excessive sun exposure

  • Radiation treatments

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