Herpes – Herpes

Herpes, known as herpes among the people, can be seen in every part of the skin, but mostly on the lips,
genital area, seen around the nose.

Herpes, with symptoms such as itching, burning, tingling and tingling, is in the form of an open sore and can cause pain.
causes. Using items (towels, spoons, forks, glasses…) used by a person with herpes
or by kissing a person with herpes. In people with a sensitive immune system,
can cause infections. Anemia in women during menstruation (menstrual period)
people, in cases where the immune system is weakened, when there is skin sensitivity and various psychological
The possibility of cold sores as a result of problems (depression, nightmares, stress, psychological disorders)
increases. There are three types of the virus that causes cold sores. These are: HSV1, HSV2. HSV1 virus, mostly lip,
It causes cold sores around the nose and eyes. HSV2 virus usually occurs in the genital area.
Colloquially, it is also called genital herpes.

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