Herpes and Aphthae

Know that if you are faced with a wound that makes it painful to eat and speak, only
you are not. Many people suffer from recurrent mouth sores. The most common of these are ‘herpes’
and ‘afts’. When they are in the mouth, it can be difficult to tell them apart. Their cause and
Because their treatments are different, they need to be differentiated.

What is Herpes?
It is the name given to the liquid-filled bubbles that appear on the lips. Although rare, in the mouth, especially the teeth
They can also be seen on the flesh and hard palate. Herpes are usually painful, in fact, pain, herpes
It can start a few days before departure. Herpes erupt and crust over in a few hours.
They pass in 7 to 10 days.

What are the causes?
They are caused by a virus called ‘herpes simplex’ that becomes active. In reality
The virus is pending in affected people, stress, sadness, fever, accident, hormone changes and sun exposure.
Activates in idle states. When herpes recurs, they tend to appear in the same place.

Can Herpes Spread?
Yes, the time between the eruption of herpes and the time when they pass is the best time for the infection to spread.
It is a risky period. It can spread to your own eyes and genital area, as well as infect other people.

Protection Tips:

– Protect your eyes and areas not covered with skin from contact.
– Do not squeeze the herpes, do not tear
– Wash your hands before touching your eyes and other people.

Despite all these precautions, it should be known that the herpes simplex virus can be transmitted even without herpes.

Treatment :

The treatment is to cover the herpes with a pomade that is effective against the virus. For example, 5% acyclovir ointment
can be used for this. There is no cure yet, but a lot of research is being done. orally as needed
should be supported by treatment. Inform your dentist or dentist about the latest developments
You can talk.

What is aphtha?
They are small shallow ulcers that form on the tongue, soft palate, lips and cheeks. They are quite painful and
They take 10 days.

What are the causes?
Most likely stress, sadness, trauma, fatigue, insomnia, local stimulants (tomatoes, citrus fruits,
acidic foods such as some nuts) from the inadequacy of the defense system against
thought to originate.

Can Aphthae Spread?
No, because they are not created by bacteria or viruses, they are not applied to surrounding tissues or other persons.
they are not contagious.

Treatment :

Treatment is aimed at relieving the distress and not adding infection to it. applied on
Cortisone ointments may help. Unfortunately, there is no cure yet. patient as possible
Pain relievers and pain relievers can be given.

What Could Other Wounds Be?

If you have a wound in your mouth that does not heal for more than two weeks, you should consult your doctor.

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