In our body, there are soft discs between our vertebrae that maintain flexibility and allow it to bend and twist. The middle part of the discs consists of fluid gel, the outer part consists of threadlike and more durable structures. If the structure of the discs is disrupted and the gel-like structure is not kept in the middle, a protrusion occurs, which will put pressure on the surrounding tissues. As a result, pain, numbness, loss of strength and other problems occur. The location of this pressure determines the problem that will arise. If there is pressure on the spinal cord or nerves, the complaints increase. Pain that increases with bending over, staying in the same position for a long time or standing, leg pain that forces the person to sit while walking, numbness in the arms and legs can be indicators of hernia. If the inflammatory response of our body has increased too much, complaints that wake us up at night or cause you to wake up with pain in the morning may also occur. In addition, muscle contractions in these areas can also be a source of pain.


The discs between our spines, like any other part of our body, are affected by our overall health. That is, the solid disc resides in the intact body. Actually; Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and cancer are more common, and hernia has also started to be seen more often for the same reason. The waist, back or neck are the parts of our body that we use the most and damage the most. If our general health deteriorates and its resistance decreases (nutrition, stress control, sleep quality, lack of time to rest and have fun), our spines, which we use a lot, will perhaps be the first place to be damaged. Each damage will accumulate over time and the glass will eventually overflow. This overflow is an indicator of how much our health has deteriorated. It is our body’s way of communicating with us. It warns us by making mistakes from the weakest link. If we receive these warnings and move on to a healthy life, if we are treated and protected, yes, we can completely recover from the hernia and regain our old health. But if we choose to live unhealthy, we may experience serious diseases as our genetics allow. For this reason, we should not spoil the health that is in our hands.

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