Herbal medicines in plastic surgery : the hidden danger

About 10% of the total population in the UK use prescribed herbal supplements, and billions of dollars are spent on these supplements each year. Patients and healthcare professionals are actually ignorant of the adverse effects of these supplements, and the exact side effects are unknown. Moreover, since these support products can be found easily in our country and all over the world, and people think that they are “natural”, there is no hesitation or due attention when purchasing them.

These products, which are used extensively and unnecessarily and are not considered as “medicine” among the public, are not told by the patient to the doctor during the examination even when counting the drugs they use, and they can invite some disasters. Post-menopausal herbal support pills, which have anticoagulant effects but are not known to the patient and are not conveyed to the doctor, can both threaten the patient’s health by causing excessive bleeding during and after the operation, and also cause side effects such as wound healing problems, prolonged drainage, and seroma formation after the operation. may increase the effects.

The majority of herbal support pills can increase bleeding with anticoagulant effect, have effects on the cardiovascular system; may exert undesirable, uncontrolled sedative effects.

When you go to your doctor, be sure to let him know that you are using such support pills and take them with you and show them to him. Your doctor may forget to ask them in the routine examination and you may carry significant risks in a possible surgical intervention.

Unfortunately, “doctor” can be present even in the promotions of these products, which are widely produced in our country and can be sold like cheese bread even in television programs.
It is important to remember that there is no disease, there is a “patient”, and each patient must be approached individually and treatments must be “arranged” according to his or her health status. Otherwise, if every knee, arm, stomachache is going to take the same pill and get rid of it, then we really don’t need doctors!

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