Helpful Advice for Those Experiencing Anxiety

Living with anxiety is often challenging. If generalized anxiety disorder has started to cause serious problems in basic areas of our lives such as our health, work, relationships and it has become unmanageable, it is time to seek professional help. It would not be bad to look at anxiety that is not at this level as the spice of life. In addition, we try to support ourselves with a few comforting suggestions.

The first step in the treatment of anxiety is to recognize the feeling of anxiety and to follow its source. Anxiety is triggered by the helplessness schema. And it is exacerbated by the state of uncertainty. For this reason, it is very important that we feel we are in control when we try to overcome anxiety on our own. Daily life activities in which our body is active are also very important support in this sense.

It would not be wrong to say that the theme of uncertainty has taken over our lives with the pandemic. It’s okay to make new versions of our old routines where we still feel like we’re in control though. If we can’t have breakfast at the beach every Sunday, it’s possible to have a “special Sunday breakfast” at home every morning. We can’t hang out with friends every Friday after work. But it’s possible to create zoom activities with friends every Friday night. Instead of giving up old routines completely, we should create new versions in our lives.

Let’s Look at Helpful Suggestions for Anxiety in Brief

Exercising outdoors:

Exercising a bit above your capacity will draw attention away from your thoughts to your body. It’s like trying to run if you normally walk all the time. It’s like riding 7km if you’re cycling 5km.

Doing a new creative activity that you haven’t tried before:

It’s like trying to punch this time instead of painting what you can already do. It’s like a new puzzle, a recipe you’ve never tried.

Creating time for worry:

This is a work that will usually be done as homework during the therapy process. It is still a useful technique for individuals experiencing mild anxiety. Worry diary is simply giving yourself 15 minutes of special time during the day where you have the right to worry. And it is necessary to postpone the worries that come during the day to think about it at that time. It is then to worry collectively at that specific 15-minute anxiety time you set. It should be done in a way that does not exceed 15 minutes. It’s about letting all the worries you’ve accumulated in those 15 minutes come crashing into your head and worrying actively.

Write your worries down on a piece of paper and then burn it outdoors:

Worry is an abstract and mental concept. For this reason, writing it on paper helps to make it concrete. It is also transferred from the mind to the body as a bodily action through handwriting. And to transfer from the body to an object is to express. Then, if possible, it is necessary to burn the worry-filled paper in the open air. This symbolically represents the disappearance of worries in our minds and has a relaxing effect.

Getting a good night’s sleep:

It is a very common knowledge that insomnia paves the way for many problems and negatively affects anxiety. Regular and quality sleep is always helpful in the treatment of anxiety.

Doing breathing and relaxation exercises:

Breathing and relaxation exercises to create special moments of rest for the mind and body are very supportive in the treatment of anxiety.

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