Heel spur radiofrequency treatment

The heel spur is the formation of a bony protrusion due to calcium deposits in the bone due to excessive strain on the heel bone, namely the calcaneus. It is especially common in people and athletes who do a lot of running and jumping.

Soft-supported silicone insoles and anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended to the patient at the first stage in the treatment of heel spurs. Cortisone or PRP injection is applied to patients whose pain does not go away with this treatment. However, Radiofrequency therapy can be applied for pain that does not go away.



Radiofrequency treatment is performed by giving an electrical current and burning the surrounding tissues without damaging the heel spur. This procedure is performed under operating room conditions and in sterile environments. First, the painful area of ​​the patient is determined, and whether there is any nerve passing through the painful area is determined with special devices. The burning process takes place in 4-5 sessions of 1.5-2 minutes in total. We also achieve very successful results with the radiofrequency method we use in the treatment of heel spurs.


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