Heavy school bag threatens spinal health in children

It is thought that curvature in the spine area is seen more in advanced ages. However, children in the developmental age may also experience discomfort due to the heavy bags they use in school life.

It should not be forgotten that backpacks with excess weight can damage the spine of children. For this reason, the school bag should be heavy enough not to cause pain on the back and spine of the student. Because heavy bags cause posture disorder and, accordingly, deterioration of the spine structure.

May cause difficulty in breathing

Children’s bones are very fragile. Therefore, overload can damage the spine. In order to avoid health problems, the bag should not be carried for a long time. The curvature of the spine causes a decrease in lung capacity, and the person may experience breathing difficulties accordingly.

The weight of the backpack that the student will carry should not be more than 15 percent of the body weight. Because with the advancing time, the curvature of the spine will also cause the child to slouch. In addition, the child who has to carry heavy bags at a young age is more likely to encounter chronic bone pain and deformities in the following years.

On the other hand, many school-age children also complain of low back pain. Choosing bags that are not suitable for developmental children will lead to permanent health problems in the future.

Parents should pay attention

In short, a bag that is too heavy can lead to some negativities such as back and waist pain, gait disturbance, and hunching. Parents should pay attention to this issue. It should not be forgotten that spinal health is of great importance. Protecting the spine is very important, especially in terms of body balance. For this reason, bags with wide straps that are positioned correctly and not rigid should be preferred. In addition, children should use the hanger by attaching both hangers, not one-sided.

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