prof. Dr. İhsan Bakır stated that heart valve repair is a surgically difficult procedure and said, “It needs to be done by experienced hands. It is actually difficult for us, but it is very comfortable for the patient after the surgery.”
prof. Dr. İhsan Bakır made a statement about heart valve repair. Bakır said, “Repair is a difficult procedure for the surgeon. It should be done in experienced hands. It is actually difficult for us, but it is very comfortable for the patient after the surgery. Our patients do not have to use blood thinners. The drug has serious side effects. They are not exposed to them either. This is a special procedure that we applied in this patient. Because we performed the repair process using the membrane of the heart. Currently, the pericardium sits around the valve, allowing the valve to function normally. The old failure has been reset. The blood flow to the lungs also returned to normal. This is the first time we have done this surgery with a robot in a public hospital. Normally, we used to repair the pericardium using the open method. But this is the first time we have performed such a repair with the robot,” he said.
prof. Dr. İhsan Bakır stated that the operation of the patient was made through several small incisions and said, “Currently, there is an incision on the left side under the breast of approximately 4 centimeters. There are also 4 small incisions of 1 centimeter each. There is also a 3-4 cm incision in the groin area. When our patient wears a swimsuit and wears an open top, no incision will be visible in the area of ​​the belief board. If open surgery had been performed, it would have taken about 2 months for our patient to return to normal life. Since it would take a long time for the bone to boil, it would prevent our patient from his normal life. Our patient will be able to return to his housework quickly and even go home by using his car.”
Noting that they try to repair every heart valve they have operated with a robot, Bakır said, “Repair is a comfortable method for the patient. It is a method that should always be preferred by a surgeon. There is a saying ‘If it cannot be repaired, there is no problem in the repair, there is a surgeon who cannot do it’. They say change your surgeon for that reason. So, so much importance is given to repair in the world. If it is said to change your valve, let there be a question mark in their heads, I am talking in terms of the mitral valve. Please ask another surgeon. Our patients should consult with the doctors who deal with the repair,” he said.

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