Heart palpitations are a health problem seen in all age groups!

Heart palpitations are a health problem seen in all age groups!

Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Göksel Açar explains how to protect our heart, what heart diseases are, which symptoms are a heart health problem.

What are heart diseases, what are their symptoms?

When we say heart disease, the most common diseases we encounter in the society are the diseases of the coronary arteries, the vessels feeding the heart. Apart from this, heart valve diseases, rhythm disorders, which we see in the wider population, are extremely important. Rarely, inflammatory diseases involving the pericardium may occur, although rare, tumors may occur.

What kind of complaints do patients come with the most?

Complaints such as chest pain, shortness of breath, swelling in the legs, decreased effort capacity, fatigue, palpitation are among the most common complaints.

What causes heart palpitations?

Among the causes of heart palpitations, rhythm disorders, that is, these rhythm disorders also have a conduction system that allows the heart to contract normally in a synchronous way. Disturbance or warning from a different place is reflected as rhythm disturbances and palpitations. It has become a situation that we encounter quite often, especially at young ages. But what is important for us is that it is long-term and that it repeats frequently, which means that it indicates a more troublesome situation, in such cases, we recommend our patients to consult a doctor immediately. Palpitations in sadness and joy should be natural, just as it is normal for our heart to work fast when we make an effort, the events that occur as a result of the increase in sympathetic activation in the body should be considered as completely natural normal processes.

Is every heartache a symptom of heart disease?

First of all, if we describe it as chest pain, a very big cause of this chest pain is not cardiac origin pain, that is, 90% or even more pain caused by other reasons. If we are to describe heart pain, especially if we are to describe pain due to coronary artery disease and vascular occlusion, it has certain characteristics and character. This is a typical pain, especially with exertion, in cold weather, after meals, after rest or taking vasodilator drugs.

As a character, it is very important to have a pressure type on the front surface of the chest, a compressive and sometimes crushing character, and even continue for 5-10 minutes. If we emphasize the opposite, stinging, stabbing, localizable pain, pain that lasts for a few seconds or lasts for hours at a certain level does not usually appear as coronary artery disease or pain of cardiac origin. It would be beneficial for the person to see an emergency or family doctor without ignoring these. If it is thought to be of cardiac origin in that evaluation, they refer to us.

What are the causes of heart diseases?

There are common risk factors in the etiology of heart diseases. Age, male gender, familial predisposition, especially if there is a heart attack in first-degree relatives, these are risk factors that cannot be changed. There are also risk factors that we need to reduce and eliminate. In these; obesity, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol are among the risk factors that we need to fight. In addition, people with a stressful lifestyle, negative personality, constant unhappiness, and obsession are more likely to be seen. Regular exercise is important, sedentary life increases the risk. An important risk that we should not forget is that smoking should not be reduced, but completely avoided.

Heart health is not neglected, we recommend that you have regular check-ups.

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