Heart Attack of the Spirit; Panic attack

How do panic attacks occur? And a psychological condition can create the perception of having a heart attack. Think of this situation like this; a panic attack is a heart attack of the soul; Just as the risk factors that prepare the heart attack are smoking, sedentary life, malnutrition, loveless lifestyle and the like, various risk factors can be mentioned in panic attacks; Risk factors such as over-giving, counter-focused, and over-responsible personality structure, taking too much burden in life, excessively strong stance, over-analytical thinking, and a lifestyle that is too focused on society and family can trigger a panic attack.

Like a heart that manages even when it’s 90 percent clogged, your mood resists at first and panic attacks occur when it gets to the point where it can’t handle it. In the first days after the attack, if you quickly open the “clogged veins in your soul”, the symptoms will improve quickly. However, if you don’t open the veins and change your life with the I am sick mode, you will be condemned to a limited, unhappy and tired life, just like those who experience heart failure after a heart attack.

You had a panic attack and then your work, family and social life changed; You feel threatened, just like someone who has had a heart attack. With the expectation of constant attacks, you are almost preparing yourself for a life in fear, limited, and upside down. The medicines you take have partially worked, and every new doctor you visit is either adding a new medicine or changing your medicine. You don’t think about going to the emergency room anymore, but you are in a constant anxious wait with bad scenarios in your mind. You feel like someone with a disability and a chronic illness.

Although there are similarities between a heart attack and a panic attack, as in the above analogy, if you make the necessary vital changes, take the message that the panic attack gives you, and turn to the right psychotherapy with really brave moves, it is very likely that you will recover completely, and even be much better than before.

I would like to conclude my article by briefly mentioning the messages that panic attacks give us and the psychotherapy techniques we apply. For example, if you receive messages like “work less, think less, you can’t make everyone happy, don’t be so strong” and make the necessary life changes, a rapid recovery will begin.

What we do in psychotherapy is to raise awareness for those who cannot receive the above messages or make the necessary changes; In other words, to make us realize how we can change our lifestyle and personality structure instead of being afraid of panic attacks. I should emphasize that we use an eclectic style such as behavioral, cognitive and gestalt therapies in psychotherapy, as well as techniques such as breathing exercises and mindfulness.

As a psychiatrist-based psychotherapist, I try to use drug therapy only in carefully selected cases. Or, I recommend that every patient taking medication add psychotherapy to their treatment.

I wish you all healthy and happy days.

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