Heart Attack and First Aid

A heart attack is when one of the blood vessels feeding the heart is suddenly blocked and not enough oxygen is delivered to the heart muscle. The heart, which cannot receive oxygen, loses its functions over time and may result in death. Therefore, the earlier action is taken during a heart attack, the higher the chance of survival.

The most important symptom of a heart attack is sudden and severe pain that starts in the middle of the chest and spreads to the left arm, back and jaw. Pain; combustion, compression and pressure. Complaints such as shortness of breath, sweating, nausea may also be added. Although some crises occur without showing any symptoms, we recommend that you do the following when the above-mentioned situations occur:

What to Do During a Heart Attack

1) Don’t move

A heart attack occurs when one of the blood vessels leading to the heart is blocked and no oxygen reaches the heart muscle. That’s why we shouldn’t make any effort during a heart attack. Because we push the heart, which already needs oxygen, more when we move. One of the first things we should do is to sit down and rest in a suitable place.

2) call 112

Time is of the essence in a crisis. As the oxygen decreases, the heart loses its functions with each passing minute. As time progresses, death may occur as it will have no function. Therefore, one of the first things to be done is to call the health institution urgently. Early intervention will increase the chances of survival.

3) Do not go to the hospital yourself

Don’t try to do your own business instead of calling 112. Moving during a heart attack is very dangerous. Do not even stand, let alone climbing stairs or walking. Movement means exertion, consuming oxygen, tiring the heart.

4) Do not intervene if you do not know

If someone around you is having a heart attack and you do not have the necessary medical knowledge, do not intervene.

5) Ventilate the environment

If you are in a closed environment, open the windows to ventilate the inside.

6) Relax the chest area

If there is a tie loosen, if there is a shirt untie it. Relax the chest area in this way.

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