Healthy teeth and proper oral care:

The mouth, which is the first stop of the digestive system, is open and in contact with food.
very favorable for the growth of microorganisms due to reasons such as
is the environment. For this reason, oral hygiene cannot be provided, oral and dental care is
in the gingiva, teeth and oral tissues
diseases can cause very important health problems in the individual.
In addition to health, poorly maintained mouth and teeth are an unpleasant
social, psychological and physiological aspects of the individual as it will cause an image
negatively affect quality of life.
Correct oral and dental care in childhood:
Milk teeth to prevent future dental problems
It is necessary to pay attention to the oral care of the child from the beginning.
At the age of 2-3, the teeth of the children are carefully cleaned by the parents.
Brushing should be started and this training should be given to the child.
In the following periods, this habit should be given to the child and
Brushing should be encouraged. Milk teeth will remain in the mouth temporarily
The thought of not paying attention to it is wrong. Early loss of milk teeth
The eruption of permanent teeth is delayed after or after unnecessary extraction. missing teeth
difficulties for the child living with the disease both at that time and later
makes it live. At the end of the wrong milk tooth extraction, the individual will receive orthodontic treatment in the future.
Might have to see. To prevent this, the family’s conscious
behavior, taking care of the child’s oral health and routinely
a medical examination is required.
Effective oral and dental care in adults:
* With fluoride toothpaste, teeth are up at a 45-degree angle at least 2 times a day
It should be brushed by making downward movements.
* The anterior and posterior and chewing surfaces of each tooth should be carefully brushed.
*Tongue cleaning should be done with a toothbrush or tongue cleaners.
* With an interface brush or dental floss, the food between the teeth should be removed and
should be cleaned.
*After brushing, mouthwashes and mouthwashes should be used.
* Carbohydrates and plenty of sugar that increase the susceptibility of teeth to decay
food consumption should be reduced.
* possible from the consumption of coffee, tea, cigarettes that cause stains on the teeth
should be avoided as much as possible.

* Routine dental check-up should be done at least every 6 months.

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