healthy relationships

Love is accepting things as they are without trying to change them.

For a healthy relationship, the person must first be happy and at peace with himself, and learn to stay with himself.

Otherwise, a person who cannot tolerate himself, cannot stay with himself, is doomed to live dependent, lacks sense of self-worth and self-confidence cannot be expected to establish a healthy and secure relationship.

If the individual is able to make himself happy, if he is strong with himself, if he is loving, if he does not have a psychopathological condition, he can have a happy and healthy relationship. Otherwise, a relationship situation may arise where expectations are too high and these expectations are not met, there are egoic conflicts, an accusatory communication language is used, and as a result, gangrene can occur.

So how should a person be happy with himself? .

* A person who can love himself in every way,

* Able to accept himself with his faults and in every way,

* Able to learn from all of his experiences before judging the events he has experienced in the past and criticizing himself ruthlessly,

* Able to develop a sense of self-worth and self-compassion,

* Does not judge the relationship of their parents,

* A person who learns to stay with himself is a happy person.

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