Most of our time during the day is spent in our workplaces. Thus, it is not possible to provide our daily nutrition in the home environment. The busy work schedule, which most of us are already in, compels us to eat at work.
The long working hours spent at the desk, in front of the computer, the shift system and frequent travels in today’s business life bring stress. This lifestyle causes the prevalence of obesity to increase day by day among workers. Be aware of your negative eating behaviors and never give up on eating right and healthy, even if we are working individuals.

Healthy Eating = Happiness = Success
When the diet in the workplace is healthy, correct and satisfies them, it directly affects the health, workforce and productivity and work motivation of these employees. Thus comes success and happiness.

Recently, some businesses are aware of the importance of the issue.
For example; The number of workplaces that receive consultancy from dieticians on Healthy Nutrition and Menu Planning and ensure that their employees are informed about healthy nutrition and implement it is increasing day by day. Because the healthy nutrition of the employees affects the employees positively in every aspect; positively affects the future employer.
So what shall we do?

  • Be sure to start the morning with breakfast. Hunger causes fatigue, reluctance and low blood sugar, all of which negatively affect the work motivation and productivity of the person.
  • Take 15-minute walks during the day at work to reduce work stress.
  • Prefer to walk more on your way to work or Get off a few stops earlier or park your car far away.
  • Use less elevators.
  • Employees at the workplace can be given a menu prepared with the support of a Dietitian at lunch, so that the employees have a sufficient and balanced diet at the workplace; health problems that may occur will also be greatly reduced; may even disappear. Because with a healthy diet, the body resistance of the person will increase and thus the risk of getting diseases will decrease.
    Like this; absenteeism at the workplace will decrease, attendance will increase, so any disruptions that may occur will be eliminated.
  • Instead of consuming soft drinks, take a jug of water to your tables and add lemon slices + fresh mint and cinnamon sticks, this will make you feel more fit.
  • Choose herbal teas instead of tea and coffee. Consume fennel to eliminate indigestion that may occur at lunch, and sage and linden for the immune system, especially as it reduces stress. Choose green tea and mate tea to increase your metabolic rate.
  • People who have to travel frequently have to eat little and often in order to maintain their weight and eat healthy. Fat-free crackers and buttermilk, dried apricots, dates, walnuts or almonds, 1 portion of fruit, half a tea glass of roasted chickpeas, half a bagel and cheese, fat-free toast and ayran are practical and healthy choices that can be found everywhere.
  • Avoid cookies served at meetings. Instead of these, you can choose lean crackers, diet biscuits, wholemeal breadcrumbs, quarter bagels, dried apricots, raisins with seeds, walnuts, wholemeal sandwiches with cheese, raw vegetables and herbal teas.
  • Meals served to people should be a pleasant part of the social environment, a neat, clean, airy, comfortable dining room should be prepared, so that the meals consumed will also be effective in strengthening human relations. This too; It will increase work efficiency and success, especially in cases where division of labor is required, such as group work.
  • The appearance, taste and smell of the food served should be pleasant so that it satisfies the consumer in every way; when the person gets up from the meal, he becomes full and does not turn to junk food.
  • As a result of the work done by the International Labor Organization (ILO); It has been proven that malnutrition in the workplace negatively affects the health and work efficiency of employees.
    In the study; Malnutrition and obesity are very common in developing countries and just for this reason; It is stated that there is a 20% loss in work efficiency all over the world.
    The research found that workplace nutrition is often seen as a “necessity” or “trouble” by employers, thus missing an opportunity to raise productivity and employee morale at work.

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