Healthy Nutrition Education

Healthy nutrition is an important step in our life that affects our quality of life. The main purpose of nutrition education is to give people the right nutrition habits. Basic issues such as how the education given to the society or people to be educated will be given, where it will be given, by whom it will be given, how it will be supervised, what the methods and tools to be used are, and which messages will be determined on what basis. Since the main purpose of nutrition education and counseling is to provide people with the right eating habits, what is the behavioral therapy applied in the acquisition of nutritional habits, and the steps of the treatment should be known to those who want to undertake this task.
An effective health education should turn into attitudes, behaviors and habits what should be known and done in order to improve individual and social health in a positive way. The health of the society is related to the health of the people who make up the society. Health is related to factors such as adequate, balanced and healthy nutrition and physical health.
Education is a lifelong condition. Healthy nutrition education differs according to society, group or individuals. From pre-school to primary school age, from university students to institutions, healthy nutrition is an educational phenomenon. A program based on learning and applying education is planned especially for our child clients. Our training programs have a specific purpose and message, depending on the characteristics of the groups addressed. As the Dietician Nutrition Counseling Center, we expect you to attach importance to healthy nutrition education and to adopt and practice a healthy lifestyle by maintaining your weight. We wish you healthy days.

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