Healthy Effects of Spices

Spices are foods that have witnessed every moment of our history from past to present. It has made itself accepted in a wide geography and cheered our palates. We still have a wide range of spices in our kitchen.

It is important not to forget the positive effects on the body as well as taste, smell and color. Even the healthy effects; It is much more than taste, smell and color and we can say that we should use it primarily for health.

It is necessary to examine the healthy effects of spices in a broad framework. That is, it interacts with many systems of the body and creates many beneficial effects there. Let’s understand the effects of spices that act as medicine together.

Spices at first; It has metabolic effects that prevent oxidation, that is, prevent the formation of harmful waste products in the body with the contact of food with oxygen, reduce inflammation, reduce glucose and cholesterol. In addition to its serious positive metabolic effects, studies have shown that it also positively affects our mood.

Spicy foods can reduce our individual salt intake levels. Since we need to reduce salt consumption for a healthy life, increasing the consumption of spices is a simple and effective alternative.

Now let’s take a look at the effects of spices according to their types:

Red pepper : Red pepper, which has been used since ancient times, contains capsaicin as the main ingredient. This substance acts as an anti-cancer. Red pepper, which usually has a bitter taste, acts as a powerful antioxidant. It raises our metabolic rate by increasing body temperature. It stimulates mechanisms against obesity by increasing satiety and decreasing energy and fat intake.

Cinnamon: In addition to its pleasant smell and taste, cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity and provides better blood sugar control. Studies have shown that it can reduce fasting blood sugar by 10-29% in diabetic patients.

There are also studies showing that blood triglycerides help reduce cholesterol.

Ginger: It is a good support for the immune system in cold and flu. Ginger also reduces muscle pain thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory effect.

It is effective in diseases such as joint swelling, cartilage destruction, rheumatoid.

Thanks to the “gingerol” in its content It is used in pregnancy and to reduce nausea caused by pregnancy.

Balancing blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivityit is effective. By making you feel less hungry and eating less foodmay be useful in managing obesity.

Black pepper:Black pepper, which is added to almost all kinds of meals as a whole or in powder form, has a metabolism-accelerating effect with “piperine” in its content.

Turmeric: Turmeric, which gives its color to curry, has many health benefits, especially thanks to “curcumin” as the main ingredient. We can hear curcumin everywhere now.

Curcumin has a high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. fights cancer.

The effect of the curcumin in it increases when combined with the piperine in black pepper and olive oil. Their consumption together increases the bioavailability.

Garlic: We now know that garlic strengthens the immune system as a natural antibiotic. Consideration should be given to serious consumption for this effect.

It gives garlic its distinctive smell and taste, “allicin”, one of the sulfur compounds. Allicin lowers blood pressure, blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Therefore, it protects cardiovascular health. It dilutes the blood. Those who use blood thinners, diabetics should be careful.

With health…

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