Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

  • During pregnancy, calcium-rich food sources that accelerate the formation of teeth and bones of the baby, milk, yogurt and cheese should be consumed regularly.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins should be consumed regularly every day.
  • Foods containing additives such as salami, sausage, sausage should not be eaten as much as possible. If homemade sausage is reliable, it can be consumed in small portions from time to time. Meatballs and similar foods made with uncooked raw meat can cause miscarriage risk during pregnancy and adversely affect the brain development of the baby in the mother’s womb.
  • Since dried fruits and nuts are rich in minerals such as iron and calcium, besides their intense energy, they should be consumed in the diet appropriately and in amounts in between meals, excessive consumption can cause weight gain.
  • To protect the nutritional value of the foods eaten and especially to prevent anemia. (anemia)In order to prevent this, tea should not be drunk with meals, it should be drunk 1-2 hours after eating, herbal teas such as linden, mint, chamomile should be preferred as a beverage, and none of the other herbal teas should be consumed.


  • If the pregnancy is a planned process, folic acid should be used at least 3 months before the doctor’s control and at the recommended dose, and if it is an unplanned pregnancy, folic acid should be started immediately under the control of the doctor. Neural tube defects, low birth weight babies and megaloblastic anemia in the mother can be seen in folic acid deficiency.
  • In order for the baby’s development and health to be normal in the mother’s womb, in a single pregnancy
  • There should be an increase of 9-13 kg, 18-20 kg in twin pregnancy and 20-30 kg in triplet pregnancy.
  • Anemia (anemia), tooth decay, osteomalacia due to the mother’s inability to adequately and balancedly receive the increased energy and protein needs during pregnancy (bone softening)Health problems such as excessive hair loss, hypertension, and gestational diabetes may occur.

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