Healthy eating at work


The most difficult issue for people who are dieting or trying to eat healthy is that they do not know what to eat in business life. Many of us spend a significant part of our day at work. We get up early in the morning, mingle with the traffic to reach our workplace, work at an intense pace, and return to our homes by closing the day with exhaustion. In this case, our eating patterns can change and sometimes we can skip our meals. So, is it possible to eat healthy while working?

Of course… the nutritional recommendations you should pay attention to at İŞ;

1. Breakfast: The most important meal we should not forget is breakfast. Employees should leave their homes with breakfast, if possible, in order to be prepared for factors that may adversely affect metabolism, such as fatigue and stress brought on by work life. If you can’t have breakfast at home, healthy options are always possible!

Breakfast alternatives:

Whole-grain cheese-vegetable toast / sandwich

Breakfast cereals such as muesli / oatmeal with milk or yogurt


healthy homemade pastry

Milkshakes (sugar free)

***With these meal options, when you consume them in appropriate amounts, you can meet the energy, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals you need for breakfast.

2. Snacks: Keeping the meal intervals between 2.5-3 hours is very important for the control of the appetite mechanism. By consuming snacks, we can prevent the sudden drop in blood sugar and provide portion control with normal blood sugar that we can maintain in the next meal. Snacking habits prevent sudden hunger attacks in many individuals and reduce the consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods such as sweets and chocolate.

Snack alternatives:

It can be dried-fresh fruits, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds), fruit yoghurt, oat bar, muesli, healthy small cookies or pastries.

***When the choice of snacks is related to the metabolic status of the person, weight control becomes easier and provides weight loss without hunger.

3. Lunch: The most difficult meal for people who try to eat healthy while working is lunch. Especially if there is no opportunity to eat at work… If there is no opportunity to eat soup, vegetable meal, meat meal for lunch, what alternatives can be offered?

Lunch alternatives:

Cheese / tuna / grilled meat salads

Pastas without cream in small portions

Cheese/tuna sandwiches

grilled dishes

Toast + Ayran

***If we are undernourished at lunch, it is useful to consume our previous or next snacks more richly.

4. Dinner: For dinner, review the food you consume daily, nutritional quality and nutritional balance. You can detect the foods you consume insufficiently or excessively and make your recovery in this way. Even if you have eaten a lot during the day, have dinner as a light meal, definitely do not skip it. If you usually eat foods with low fiber content such as grilled for lunch, try to plan a menu with vegetables for dinner. Contrary to popular belief, making a vegetable dish is actually quite easy and practical. You can consume the pot food you cook at home in the refrigerator within 2 days. Don’t stress yourself out to make a different meal every day!

Nutrition is the first condition of health in every moment of life. Of course, it is possible to eat in accordance with your working life and lifestyle in business life.

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