Healthy eating

Obesity and fast food consumption, which are the general problems of the society in recent years, have now turned into a serious health problem. Because, due to the flow of daily paced life, we cannot allocate the necessary time for meals or food. Instead of meals, we turned to fast food or snack foods that can be prepared more quickly, and therefore obesity has also increased. And the weight we have gained has caused not only our appearance but also our health to deteriorate. First of all, food groups are divided into 4:

• Milk and milk products

• Bread and cereals

• Meat, eggs and legumes

• Fruits and vegetables

Our body needs all food groups. We should definitely make room for all food groups in one day.

So what should we do for a healthy diet? A healthy diet can be achieved by living regularly and in a planned manner. Because the individual’s sleep pattern, nutrition, psychological state, daily physical activity vary depending on each other. Therefore, it is the most correct way to eat frequently and little by little at intervals suitable for our working hours. Nutrition should be made into a habit and supported by a walk or sport during the day.

Does skipping meals lead to weight loss? NO. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common mistakes. When we are hungry, we think that there is weight loss, but skipping meals with snacks, not taking time to eat or skipping that meal does not provide us with weight loss. This is not how our digestive system works. In these cases, the body gets used to hunger, and after a certain period of time, we do not feel hunger. After a long starvation, the body stores every nutrient as fat. That’s why we must allocate at least 20 minutes for each main meal and we must consume from each food group (carbohydrate, protein, fat).

Things to watch out for in a healthy diet!!

Family support, spousal support, psychological support, sports support should be taken. People should not consume separate meals in the same house.

Daily foods should be kept as a note with their portions. Both for personal follow-up and to see how healthy we eat.

Daily water consumption must be known. (Must be at least 2-2.5 liters per day – except for liquids such as soup, tea, coffee)

Vegetables and fruits should be consumed according to the season. Fish should be consumed at least once a week

Sports or walking should be done for at least 30-45 minutes during the day.

Much lighter grilling, boiling, and baking methods should be preferred when cooking meals.

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