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Migraine is a type of headache that can affect the patient’s daily life and create limitations in activities performed during the day. Migraine is a complex manifestation of symptoms that can be treated and is one of the most common disorders. It usually starts in a unilateral throbbing manner on the nape, temple or around the eyes. Migraine headaches occur repeatedly during the month as attacks and at varying rates. Migraine Headache Causes

The frequency and severity of migraine headaches are three times more common in women than in men. Among the causes of migraine pain, genetic and hormonal changes play a role. Migraine headaches are often accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting.

Migraine Symptoms

The biggest symptom of migraine headaches is severe and sometimes one-sided headache. Headache in migraine can be felt in the forehead, temples, eye or behind the eye, back of the head and behind the ear.

It is the pre-sensation of the onset of migraine pain, called the Aura of Migraine. Migraine aura is a visual or sensory symptom lasting 10 to 30 minutes that appears during or just before severe headache.

In addition, migraine symptoms include hypersensitivity, depression, excessive and unnecessary cheerfulness, stagnation and lack of attention. Stuttering while talking, increased light-sound-smell sensitivity, yawning, desire to sleep, increased appetite or loss of appetite, excessive water drinking, constipation or diarrhea can also be seen frequently.

Migraine Triggering Factors

Foods such as cheese and chocolate, skipping or delaying meals, sleep disturbance, strong smells and climate changes can trigger migraines. Emotional and psychological factors are the ones that trigger migraine the most.


Patients whose attack numbers have become uncontrollable, who have tried all drug treatments and whose pain has become unbearable by the patient, usually apply to our clinic.

Acupuncture Migraine Treatment In the treatment of migraine, acupuncture increases the serotonin level of the patients, reduces the frequency of migraine attacks and the need for painkillers. As a result of effective and comprehensive evaluation, the rate of complete cure in migraine treatment is extremely high.

With acupuncture treatment, the secretion of serotonin secreted in the brain increases and the release of estrogen hormone is positively affected, and the treatment of migraine is provided. In our clinic, ear acupuncture and body acupuncture methods are successfully applied in the treatment of migraine. Tension Headaches, Sinusitis Headaches, fibromyalgia headaches caused by the mechanisms in the muscle joint nerve pathways and due to Neck Calcification are treated.

Medical Ozone Migraine treatment

It is a treatment method that helps to get very good results in these painful patients in terms of increasing oxygenation and eliminating dry inflammation. We can also apply ozone therapy to all kinds of headaches in our clinic.

Homeopathy in Mimren Treatment

HOMEOPATHY, which is a natural and side-effect-free treatment method, provides healing by treating people physically, mentally and emotionally.

Botox in Migraine Treatment

It is possible to reduce the number of migraine pain and attacks with botox applications, which are normally used for face lift and cosmetic purposes.

Neural Therapy in Migraine

It is a needle treatment with short-acting local anesthetics in migraine headaches. It has almost no complications and is a treatment that can be applied to all age groups, including pregnant women.

A Personalized Treatment Plan for Migraine Treatment

Trigger point in the neck and back region, muscle contraction, occlusion can cause unilateral eye and face pain. The patient’s water consumption, diet, gastrointestinal system, stress level, sleep pattern and environmental conditions should be evaluated.

It is important for patients with migraine headaches to provide sleep patterns, exercise regularly, cope with stress and reach an appropriate weight. If there is a neck hernia or neck flattening that triggers migraine attacks, these should be treated.

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