Headache and Red Alert Conditions!

Headache is one of the most common symptoms in daily medical practice. Headache is one of the most common reasons for patients to consult a doctor. According to epidemiological data, every person complains of a headache at least once in any period of his life. Every year, 40% of the entire population has a severe headache. Besides being very common, another important feature of headache is that it has many potential causes.

Headaches are generally examined under two subheadings.

1. Headaches not caused by another disease; primary ‘primary’ headaches: Tension-type headaches and migraine are the most common types in this group. This is the headache group that can be treated with regular follow-ups with physician-patient cooperation.

2. Headaches caused by another disease in the brain or body; secondary ‘secondary’ headaches: This group is the group of headaches that require referral to a health institution as soon as they are noticed, red alert headaches are in this group.

If you have a headache

If it started very violently and suddenly,

– It gets more severe and does not go away,

– If it occurs with sneezing, straining, sexual activity or exertion,

– If it arose after a head injury,

– If there are neurological symptoms such as numbness in the arms and legs, weakness, visual impairment, speech difficulties,

– If it does not improve despite treatment,

– If it is always localized in the same area of ​​your head,

– If it is accompanied by high fever and sleepiness,

– If he has just started at an advanced age,

you are in a red alert situation.

We should not ignore that these findings may herald serious and life-threatening diseases such as brain hemorrhage, brain tumor, nervous system infection, we should not ignore it, we should not try to treat it on our own, and we should definitely seek support from a neurologist.

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