Headache, usually pain in a particular part or whole of the head,
throbbing and squeezing sensation. Depending on the types of headache
Sometimes it improves in a few hours, sometimes it can last for days. your pain
The severity varies from person to person and situation to situation. Headache
It is a common complaint in society. About 95% of headaches
benign headache, part of which is defined as migraine and tension headache
are pain. However, the other 5% may be malignant.
If the person has a new onset and very severe headache,
If the person describes the most severe headache of his life,
If pain is accompanied by persistent vomiting,
If there is a headache that started in the last 6 months and continues despite treatment,
if it occurs during pregnancy or after birth
Over 50 years old and under 10 years old, or
Secondary headaches if some neurological and physical examination findings are detected
should be considered and should immediately apply to a specialist physician.

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