Have You Ever Taken Your Own Journey?

We think that life is always a rush, and we often express it. During this rush, we forget ourselves while we are constantly trying to deal with something. We either do not think about spending time with ourselves or we cannot find time. We are always interested in what others are doing, or what they will think or say about us what we do… While dealing with all this, we naturally do not have time to spare for ourselves. Maybe we’re not trying to be. Thus, we begin to alienate ourselves. Then this situation reveals itself; It shows with the deterioration of our relationships, school life or work life. As responsible for this, we are always looking for the criminal outside; By saying, “This is not good for me”… However, the whole issue actually takes place inside. As long as a person does not go on his own journey, he always looks for the answer in a person, at work, in the city, but cannot find it. When he can’t find it, it is slowly heading towards destruction.

Is freedom physical or spiritual?

Until now, we have always perceived freedom as a physical thing. However, we experience freedom in two ways, physically and mentally. We equate these two concepts, but there is no physical freedom without mental freedom. to our freedom; We think that we will meet when we leave work, get rid of school, when our relationship is over. However, we cannot become free in any sense unless we are freed by delving deeply into all these things in our minds. Unless we are free, we cannot move forward in our own journey.

In the journey of the individual to himself, there is never a destination.

On this path, we always become aware of something new and become enlightened. In fact, we are never complete in life, we always try to complete our deficiencies by learning.

While we are on our own journey, while trying to return to our essence, the more awareness we can create on some issues, the better we can progress.

Don’t try to be fast, slow down!

The situations we encounter in life, the things we experience doom us to speed as if we were on a racetrack. If you slow down you lose, it gives the message. Thus, we feel as if we are missing something, as if we are missing something. However, slowing down is one of the most important things that protects the soul. If your body goes before your soul, then you will be late. If the body and spirit do not continue on the road at the same time, you will be incomplete, you will not be complete. That’s why you have to remind yourself to slow down. You can put anything into this slowdown; such as eating slowly, driving slowly, talking slowly, being slow while shopping, waiting while buying something… In these, we free ourselves as much as we can keep ourselves waiting, and therefore we get closer to ourselves.

Be careful what you’re headed for!

Attention is the essence of life. A person sees what he wants to focus on, what he wants to see in life. Sometimes that thing that we focus too much on, maybe we don’t like at all, becomes our life. In fact, everything we don’t like comes out of us. Sometimes we turn to our shortcomings so much that we unwittingly stab ourselves. That’s why managing attention is one of the most important things. Again, while we are constantly paying attention to some other things that are related to others, we forget ourselves…

Learn to ask questions, don’t be afraid!

Asking questions is one of the most important sources of communication. Without asking questions, you can neither expect to be understood nor understand the person or situation in front of you. In our upbringing, which has been going on since our childhood, we have always learned to be afraid of questions in our school lives. Thoughts such as “What if they ask us something but we can’t give the right answer, or if we misinterpret them and they get angry with us or make fun of us” kept spinning in our minds. This situation caused us to run away, afraid to ask questions in the future. Of course, when we question some things, there are situations where we can’t get out of the way and feel ourselves in a deadlock. Sometimes you have to see the bottom in order to reach the light afterwards. So don’t be afraid of that darkness you see, on the contrary, go over it. When you feel restless, anxious or stressed, remember that you are on the right track. Because these show that; You have begun to go within yourself, to explore yourself. When you approach yourself, you can create yourself by getting rid of the standards and patterns. In order to reach the center, you can try various ways according to your interests and your own structure on this journey; like taking a walk, meditating, reading books on such topics, attending seminars… Everyone may have different solutions for them. The only important thing in doing this is to be honest with yourself. Remember, you can fool everyone, but never yourself.

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