Have you ever been cheated on? There Can Be Many Reasons Underlying!

There are many reasons why married people cheat on their spouses. Although over 40% of married couples admit that this is wrong, they are affected by cheating or being cheated on.

In addition to risk factors such as personality disorders and childhood problems, social media and not drawing borders etc. situations are also cited among the reasons for cheating.

Disappointment in marriage is considered a common trigger. The cheater may attempt to solve the problems, but individual initiative may not be sufficient in this process.

There are also different risk factors for cheating. But the reason for this is by no means the deceived spouse. The act of deception can sometimes manifest as a cry for help, a point of departure, or even revenge.


Cheating for sexual reasons is more common in men than women. Men in general tend to show their love with physical contact rather than saying nice words.

They may feel unloved easily when they are not sexually satisfied or constantly rejected. Therefore, cheating due to feeling insecure is more common in men.

In women, cheating is aimed at filling the emotional void. In general, she complains that there is no bond between her and her husband and that she is not desired.

Monotony can trigger deception!

When women feel that they are not appreciated or ignored enough, they may take actions to seek the emotional intimacy of an extramarital relationship. Similarly, boredom in marriage or relationship can lead both men and women to cheat.


In some relationships, it is a call for help that is seen as a way of forcing the couple to face problems that both parties are aware of but cannot solve. In such cases, the cheating party may even go for the catch to bring the problem to the fore. At this point, for the solution, the spouses should discover the dynamics between each other.

Seeing cheating as a symptom of deeper problems allows couples to resolve their underlying problems and strengthen their relationships.


While women find emotional cheating to be more dangerous than sexual cheating, men can forgive emotional cheating more easily. However, the clearest response for both is jealousy. Unresolved jealousy leads to condemnation. Working with a professional in this process is the most important step to save the relationship.

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