Has Technology Addiction Increased in Children in Quarantine?

In these quarantine days, life has become very difficult for everyone. But it has become much more difficult for children. Children who could not leave the house and no one came to their homes began to get bored, irritable and increased their fondness for technology.

Cartoons, computer games, internet use can be supportive and educational for the child. While it is necessary to set limits even in normal times, the importance of setting boundaries has increased in this period. Failure to control the time spent on the Internet can develop technology addiction, which causes pathological discomfort when away from the Internet.

The child’s excessive use of computers and the Internet may affect the child’s healthy development and may require psychological treatment.

Families should not allow this to linger so that we can do our work, and it should definitely set limits. In these days when children are very bored, the family should spend more active and quality time with the children, play games and read books. While spending time with the child, it is necessary not to rush, on the contrary, to be slow.

Wherever he is, the child has to hurry for something. However, the child’s own nature is slow. Examples of incompetence exhibited by young children, which infuriate families, are the inability to quickly fasten buttons and tie their shoes. Children cannot do almost anything quickly. Families intervene and can do these things for them. This increases children’s tension and frustration. The same is necessary when spending time together.

In order to prevent technology addiction, the family should stop, slow down and do every activity they spend with the child slowly and with pleasure. Families should not think that whatever interaction is to be done immediately, let me mind my business later. It should be slow in the activity and keep the time long. In this way, the child’s addiction to technology will decrease.

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