Has Prp really revolutionized hair transplantation? prp whom when?

In recent years, PRP (=Platelet Rich Plasma; or plasma blood fluid rich in platelets/platelets in Turkish) has become one of the treatments that are frequently used and offered in hair loss treatments both in our country and all over the world. Our patients also ask us many questions about this method and rightly try to be informed about the validity of the treatment. First of all, it should be noted that in this technique, the person’s own blood is used and only one or a few tubes of blood are taken and prepared within minutes, in special tubes and undergoing certain treatments. The PRP preparation stage we are talking about has not (been) become a standard in the world yet. In other words, different PRP kits/tubes are used by different experts and platelet is obtained at different concentrations. The blood cells we call platelets need to be activated in order for them to work and to have an invigorating effect by releasing growth factors into the environment, and there is no consensus in the world on this issue yet.

It is also a bit of a mystery at what intervals and how many sessions PRP applications should be applied; But today, the recommendation of the world’s experts is that it should be applied in the form of several sessions, at least 2-3 sessions at intervals of 3-9 months, in order to stop the weakening of hair, and this treatment should be continued in order for the hair to continue its thickening effect.
However, there are also sides about PRP that almost everyone agrees on and on which there is a consensus: It is a fact that it works for male and female patients whose hair has not completely shedding/baldness and who are only in the thinning phase. While 70-90% of the patients experience a slight increase in hair thickness and revitalization of the hair, the expected results cannot be obtained in approximately 20% of the patients. Of course , a high satisfaction rate in general makes us surgeons and hair transplant specialists happy .

The quality increase in the hair starts to be seen 2-6 months after the PRP applications on average, and it is possible to maintain this effect as long as the treatment is continued and the support applications are taken.
PRP applications allow the development of dermal papilla hair cells, which produce hair, thanks to the release of growth factors by platelets. In addition, it is an application that invigorates hair follicles and positively affects hair growth by inducing regional blood supply.

Today, PRP treatment is one of the important and yet limited number of weapons we have for hair strengthening. It is a hope especially for people who do not want to be treated medically, that is, who do not want to use daily sprays or tablets. In addition, we definitely recommend PRP to our patients who continue medical treatment and want to receive supportive treatment, or to people who have applied medical treatment for a long time and have not gotten any results. We recommend PRP to our young patients whose hair loss starts at a very early age and who we think is too early for hair transplantation. Apart from this, we have patients who get bored of their medical treatment quickly and tell us that they cannot continue their treatment properly, and it makes sense to apply PRP to these people.

One of the issues that should be kept in mind is that in PRP applications, there is no standard yet for platelet count and concentration, neither in the preparation phase nor in the application method / number of sessions. Until a standard is found as soon as possible and this practice is done with a certain procedure all over the world, it is very important for patients to stay vigilant and stay away from PRP applications, which are prepared with very cheap and poor quality materials and whose costs are reduced. Although it is a practice accepted by the authorities on the subject, there are very few and still insufficient randomized, placebo-controlled studies and scientific clinical trials/articles on PRP applications in the world.

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