Harmony in Marriage

Marriage is to create a common world from two different worlds as men and women. Considering the habits, behavior styles, goals, goals, beliefs and values ​​of two people who grew up in two unique families, balancing all these on a common ground and meeting each other’s mutual needs satisfactorily means harmony in marriage. Gaining, developing and enriching harmony in marriage takes time and patience.

How to Catch Harmony in Marriage?

  • Harmony is a state of balance and compromise. It is important to determine the roles for a healthy married life. Spouses should be aware of the responsibilities and duties required by their roles and fulfill them.

  • There should be a transparent marital life through open communication between spouses. Any couple who act together while solving their problems with good communication can have a loving, respectful and peaceful marriage.

  • It is normal to experience conflicts between spouses in marriage from time to time, such as when clouds collide and lightning strikes. What matters is how spouses approach conflict, and this approach should be empathetic.

  • Married life is a relationship that is expected to last a lifetime and every couple may face many problems in this relationship. Instead of escaping from the problems, it is important to face them and look for solutions together and easily meet at the middle point.

  • Spouses should be able to support and encourage each other in all matters, just as the sun warms the nature and the rain nourishes the soil. Spousal support is a factor that increases marital satisfaction the most. A study on what increases marital satisfaction has confirmed this.

  • Spouses should be aware of each other’s needs. They should display a willing, selfless and caring stance while meeting each other’s needs.

  • Spouses should share their feelings and thoughts comfortably, otherwise, if the feelings are ignored and glossed over, this time the emotion will be suppressed and will come out with anger and fight.

  • It is important for the spouses to achieve sexual satisfaction with each other for harmony in marriage. In our society, the perception of sexuality is seen as a union in which the man sees himself as strong and the woman is compelled to do so. However, sexuality should be a union where men and women can taste the same pleasure in the same emotion and thought.

Marriage harmony may not have occurred for many marriages. The incompatibility process in marriage can be resolved with the help of expert counselors, and relationships can turn into a healthy process.

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