One of the biggest reasons why today’s marriages/families don’t work is that couples love each other.
they do not have the opportunity to socialize. However, some of the “energy stores” of the institution of marriage and family
also with socialization. You can also think of these energy stores as rechargeable batteries:
Here are some of the batteries that will increase the energy and efficiency of your marriage: me, us and all of us.
are warehouses. If these energy stores are not pierced for a long time, problems may arise in marriage.
It should not be forgotten that man is a social being by nature. Sociability, often in our society
It is defined as being extroverted and spending time with the people we love. this definition is correct
though it is actually lacking. Being social encompasses much more than that; so sometimes people
socializes with itself.
Socialize with your own solitude: “I am the energy store” in the family institution
Although loneliness is often presented as a negative situation, loneliness is a good thing for human psychology.
There is also the side. Just as a person is happy when he spends quality time with his loved ones, he is happy from his own loneliness.
He is also happy when he enjoys it and spends quality time with himself. This is family therapy
In the literature, we say that the “I energy tank” is full. Your inner voice, your wishes, your goals
prioritizing and realizing them is the basis of filling the ego energy tank. Unfortunately,
In today’s Turkey, even if it is perceived as selfish that couples give priority to their own wishes and pursuits.
In fact, individuals who are psychologically healthy are more concerned with their interests, interests and desires than other people’s.
tends to hold the piece ahead. This situation can only fulfill the wishes of the people around you and
Selfishness is when you ignore their interests and intensely turn to your own desires. this much
If you don’t, this behavior is perfectly normal.
I use your energy storage with activities you do alone, independent of your partner.
You can fill it out by socializing with other people independently of your spouse.
You can fill it. For example; I will increase your energy storage by doing sports, taking care of your personal care,
by devoting time to your hobbies, improving yourself both professionally and personally
You can fill it. In addition, you can also do this by meeting with your friends and spending time with your loved ones.
You can fill the energy tank. Remember, before you make yourself happy, your spouse and/or
You cannot make your children happy.
Socialize with each other: “We are the energy store” in the family institution
The filling of the energy tank alone is unfortunately not enough for a healthy union and family.
The individual, who takes time for his own happiness, wishes and efforts, is now the energy store of us with his wife.
It’s time to fill it.
The biggest problem of families with newborn babies and/or small children is that couples spend time together.
and that the child is always with them. Of course, this situation is not wrong, but couples
In order for them to continue their relationships in a healthy way, they should also make time for each other independently of their children.
they must be separated. For example; Watching a loved movie as a couple is an activity involving common pleasures.
and if the conditions are suitable for the child, couples go on a vacation alone.
are good opportunities to fill the tank.

Socialize with your family as a whole: We are all energy tanks
Me and us couples, who fill their energy tanks, spend quality time with their children as a family.
they will fill the energy tank of all of us. A family picnic, a movie to go and/or a vacation
we can all have good opportunities that can fill our energy tank.
At this point, the most important point to keep in mind is to fill the energy store.
The activity to be done is to be adopted and preferred by everyone. only child or only
energy as parent-adopted activities do not reflect common tastes and desires.
The tank will not be filled.

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