Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are our most enduring organ. Our hands are the partners of almost all our good deeds and sins. Naturally, our hands are one of our organs that show the negative aspects of time the most.
What should we do for our hands.. Let’s moisturize and protect from the sun first. But what should we do with our thinning and loosening skin on the back of the hand?
The aim of hand rejuvenation is to regain the natural appearance of our hands. If we evaluate the changes that occur in our hands with aging, with the effect of environmental factors as well as getting older;

Loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue: Due to the loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue, the skin on the back of the hand becomes abundant and wrinkled, veins and bones become evident.

Thinning and fraying of the skin: The skin dries, wrinkles and becomes thinner, and becomes easily torn like parchment paper.

Spotting on the skin: Brown and red spots, which are also called “age spots” and mostly caused by the sun, occur on the back of the hand. Some are at risk of developing into skin cancer. Therefore, it should be checked regularly by dermatologists.

How Can We Fix All These Negativities?
Replacing the subcutaneous tissue that has decreased on the back of the hand, increasing the quality of the thinned and worn skin, and removing the spots that have formed on the skin will bring the hand back to its old natural appearance.

In order to plump up the subcutaneous tissue, natural HA filler or longer-lasting filler injections can be made on the back of the hand.

Pure hyaluronic acid and PRP and/or vitamin mesotherapy applications should be preferred in order to increase and moisturize the skin quality.

Skin spots can be removed by using chemical peeling, spot-specific creams, prp and/or spot mesotherapy or microdermabrasion.

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