There are a few important issues to consider for healthy, long-lasting and shiny hair. First of all, genetic inheritance is of course important, but we also have a lot of work to do.

First of all, good and adequate nutrition, quality and adequate sleep and stress control are very important. Proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in foods are the building blocks for hair. Zinc, iron, selenium, copper, biotin and other B group vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E, D and C vitamins are very beneficial for us both in hair growth and in reducing shedding. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, meat, yoghurt and especially eggs are great foods that contain all vitamins and minerals. Unless otherwise stated, it should be eaten every day. Smoking, which prevents the nutrition of the hair, should be stopped because it impairs the blood circulation of the scalp, and if it cannot be stopped, the amount should be reduced.

Hair should be washed every other day unless there is a contrary situation, frequent washing can both dry our hair and disrupt the natural flora of our scalp, sensitizing the skin and triggering shedding. Shampoos that are not suitable for the hair and conditioners applied to the skin both cause shedding and threaten the health of the scalp. If the hair and skin are oily, we can achieve less shedding and comfortable hair with shampoos suitable for this situation. If the ends of the hair are dry, we can combat this dryness with reliable hair care sprays and serums. It is necessary to cut the ends of the hair every 6 to 8 weeks and not to collect it for a long time by squeezing it too much.

Sometimes after surgery, with psychological traumas, after heavy diets, if there are conditions such as thyroid disease, liver and kidney disease, iron deficiency anemia, we cannot fight spills with only oral foods and vitamins.

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